OS2220 switches - PoE Issues

A customer is experiencing issues with OS2220 switches when powering Stellar AP. APs seems to be discarded as source of the problem because they work correctly with power inyectors or when using other switches. PoE budget seems to be ok (11xAP1201 and 1x2220-P24) is their worst case. The port configuration states stays in “searching”.
Has anyone experiencing anything similar? thanks

Hi, Can you Pls provide your configuration and with possible devices connected on your os2220-P24? Doublecheck if 802.3af PoE (15W for power) has been negociated on your AP1201s. os2220-P24 normally could provide you a power budget of 192W with almost 60W margin for the switch itself. Thanks

Hello Olivier, the BP has not contacted my back for this issue, still waiting. just probing if someone else has experienced a similar problem.

Ok Eroques No, this issue is not known for os2220-P24 but we have not all the os2220 database. Create a eSR for such issue. Thanks