6900 Microcode update process.

Does anyone know or have documentation of the upgrade path for 6900 from R7 to R8.9?

Is it just update to 8.3 and then to 8.9?

If you are in 7.x , below is the upgrade I will recommend.

8.4.x --> 8.6.x ---8.9.x worked for me :-)

Note- If you are using MC-LAG, then it is not supported in 8.9 .




i upgraded some 6900X72's a few days ago. i went from 7.4 to 8.8.56R02, then upgraded FPGA & UBOOT then continued onto 8.9

I’m not the original OP but I have a followup question:
Shouldn’t the ‘client’ switch also have ‘ip multicast querier-forwarding enable’? And if not, can you give a quick explanation why? I just want to learn from these examples! :slight_smile: