802.11 Protocol Analysis 101

The 802.11 Protocol Analysis is the highest method to troubleshoot any WiFi network. Since any 802.11 network works in the Layers 1 and 2 but there is significant differences with any 802.3 (wired) network, understand how the 802.11 communication flows in between Layers and Sub-Layers is extremely important. This understanding will help us to analyze any Management, Control or Data 802.11 frame over the air and diagnostic and troubleshoot any WIFI network.

I have prepared an article about the relationship between the LLC -> MAC -> PLCP -> PMD sublayers an dhow the MPDU and PPDU’s are built to be transmitted in the form of bits (0’s and 1’s) here: http://tech-brain.us/?p=1

Hi Frivasplata

Fine article here on layer 1 and layer 2 for wlan networks. Plus you highlight the famous "L2+" LLC handling within, which is the essential brick for any wlan.

Do you plan to give more details on LLC operation further? Would be great. Thanks!