802.1x users while OV is down

Hi All....In case of WPA2 PSK authentication running on OV2500, if OV goes down and will new clients be able to connect to the network..

I am aware that new 802.1x users will not be able to connect, but what about wpa2psk user?

OV2500 it is not a controller, it is just the network management system. So when the OV2500 is down the networks (SSID’s) keep up and running unless you are using the UPAM as authentication server which is not the case for WPA2 PSK.
Please as complement, consider that in order to keep the network working when the OV2500 is down and if the AP reboots during this scenario you should have saved the configuration from the OV2500 using the Device Management menu or the Topology Map application.

I'd like to add that we offer an High-Availibility (HA) option for OmniVista 2500/UPAM to address that scenario.

got it thanks

Get it!