A issue of configuring external captive portal on Alcatel AP-1101

Hi all! I'm trying to setup external captive portal on this AP. To use HTTPS redirect option I've bought SSL certificate and uploaded it like External Captive Portal Certificate. JIC I disabled Client Behavior Tracking options too. But when i'm connecting to my captive portal I get certificate error. That the certificate is untrusted. The AP intercepts requests to the portal and adds its untrusted certificate, like MITM SSL proxy. So ... how can i change root ca certificate? or how can disable this option of intercepting SSL certificates.

P.S> I'm using Express mode.

As far as i know i can't upload trusted certificate like domain one. since I must generate new one for ‘mywifi.al-enterprise.com’ domain.

you can disable HTTPS redirection where you configure the external captive portal on the PVM of Express mode,

can be done same on Captive portal Server.




unfortunately if i do it i won’t be able to use oauth via facebook.