Access switch for stella AP1331


Is the switch OS6560-P24Z24 (with cat6 cables) suitable to use with Stella AP 1331 (5GE uplink)?

- is the switch's multi-gig ports compatible with AP's uplink?

- can we expect 5GE speed from this setup?

- if it is not compatible, which switch model shall we use?

- can we use OS6560-X10 with 10G RJ45 SFP and PoE injector, will the speed negotiate to 5GE?


Hi, the OS6560-P24Z24 does not support 5GE interfaces. Those Multi-GigE ports support speeds of 100MB/1G/2.5G.

If you want to use the 5GE uplink on the AP1331, the OmniSwitch models supporting multi-gig speeds of 100/1G/2.5G/5G/10G BaseT are in the 6860N family: OS6860N-P48Z, OS6860N-P48M, OS6860NPH48M, OS6860NPH48M, and OS6860NPX48M.

Regarding your reference to the 6560-X10, those SFP+ ports only support SFP transceivers at 1G or 10G speeds.

Please review the OmniSwitch 6860N data sheet, go to page 4 for references to the Multi-gigabit switch configuration options for those models: