Acocunting for Guest Users

Hello , In Stellar Enterprise mode how can we get Bandwidth information for Guest users. Client is keen on getting bandwidth consumption details of Guest users so that it can be billed to Guest users.

Hi, getting bandwidth consumption details for devices or users can be done only with application visibility analytics & monitoring feature of OV. And you may certainly derivate the policies on users devices themselves if you need only the bandwidth information for overall the users associated into a WLAN service.

Try to look at info given by the “Client List” widget (“Input Flow” and “Output Flow” info).

<p>Thanks for your reply, I have seen these values in my finding&#8217;s. Issue is that every time a guests disconnects and reassociate&#8217;s, these values get reset, so it is not reliable.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input, OV gives values basis Flows and not mbps/kbps which is required here. I suppose we will require some 3rd part accounting server for this…</p>