AD Authentication on Wi-Fi


I have some troubles while configuring AD Authentication with OV2500NMS. I linked the AAA authentication profile with the UPAM. In the UPAM i configured the AD server. The test connection is OK. But still, i'm unable to connect with the user AD credentials on the Wi-Fi..

Of course the AAA Server profile is linked with the WLAN Service.

Is there a step i missed ?

Is there doc or "modus operandi" ?

Furthermore, when i configure it with the local database and i add a local account, it works immediately.

Thank you for your help.



Hi Melvyn,

could you send some details on the access policy and authentication strategy along with what you have done with the AAA server profile?


Hello again,

Could you confirm that you are using NTLMv2? At the moment, OV supports only v1. V2 will be supported in a future release (summer 2019).

If the above is confirmed, then a possible workaround would be to activate the radius server service (NPS) and have the Stellar APs point to that radius service and use 802.1x