add dhcp option to the dhcpd.conf file

HI all, can anyone advise to how I add a dhcp option to the dhcpd.conf file ?

I want to add option 138 to point to OV server for Stellar, IE

option 138 > x.x.x.x

The way you ask your question it looks like you are trying to add the option on a omniswitch to manage a stellar AP pool ? it it's the case please find in attach the dhcpd.conf you may use as a template (simply add option 138 ). if it's on another type of server please let use know the server type an we will help.

# # Create custom option 138 #

option ovwma code 138 = ip-address;

subnet netmask { option routers; option subnet-mask; option broadcast-address; default-lease-time 6000; max-lease-time 72000; # Pool for Stellar AP pool { allow members of "STELLAR"; range; option ovwma; } }

Here is a properly formated example of such a dhcpd.conf. Please note the way I'm using Option 60 to determine the "class of device" and associate a class and therefore the proper pool.

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