add licence

hello i want add a subcription licence for one sw in ovcirrus but the add on buton is not accessible a idea ??

Hello, Could it be possible that your current OV-Cirrus tenant is not yet in "PAID ACCOUNT" mode?

my account is a paid account and i could add one subscribtion key when a create my paid account but now i coudn tadd another !

hello the problem is the same today the add on button is grey

Hi, According to your picture, you have two licenses, and are consumed with two devices (Two Stellar APs). Now a new license has been purchased for adding a switch to the network. Let's try to activate the device.

  1. Please go to "Home > Network > Inventory > Device Catalog" as shown in this link
  2. Select the "+" for adding a new device.
  3. Follow the procedure as shown in picture

yes my account is a paid account

Can you try today? OV-Cirrus has been updated during this days and fix have been applied.