Adding an AP1311 to a AP Group


I have an AP1451 running as a PVM for an Ap group, presently the AP1451 is the only AP in the group.

I'm attempting to add an AP1311 to the same AP group, however the AP1311 boots needs to be configured.

Both APs are connected to the same OS6360 switch and in the same VLAN, the manual/guide on the AP provides no insight into fixing this problem.

Hi Greg,

if you have the same Group ID configured (or using default ID 100 for both), then I'd suggest to upgrade AP1311 to 4.0.5 release. May be the release difference from AP1451 to AP1311 is too big)

kr Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the suggestion; I updated the firmware on both devices to yesterday afternoon, alas no change; I hadn’t considered configuring the 2nd with all the same details; the guide suggests I just turn it on and it will join.

I’ll give it a go.

Greg H

Hi Rolf,
You are 100% correct, configuring the Group ID to match on both AP was the key; I had changed the Group ID from the default.

I factory defaulted the AP1311, applied a basic configuration and then updated the Group ID.

Again, thanks for the pointer, it a bit of a shame the ALE manuals leave so much to be desired.
Greg H

When adding additional AP's to an AP group the Group ID needs to match.

In my reading of the user guide, it should be a matter of powering up the additional AP and accepting a connection. I had changed the default Group ID to better reflect our environment; this means configuring the additional AP with "Dummy data" changing the Group ID.

After a reboot, the additional AP then joins.