Adjust rooming level

HI, I need to adjust the rooming level, but I can't understand the value adjust, for example, I have 3 AP installed 10 meters one from the other, and my PC link to AP1 (I can see it from ap web interface) I travel across the other 2 AP, but I can't room ( I set the 802.1r option on), and my connection change from 5GHz band to 2 GHz band, but never from AP. the RSSI Threshold and romming are set by default (zero). How this value work's?

I'd activate 11k & 11v, but disable 11r. There are a few cases (& devices) that properly support 802.11r on client-side. If the APs are 10 meters apart, it is unlikely that you'll roam, if everything happens in clear sight (or are there walls in between?). You should monitor the RSSI of the client on the WebGUI in different locations to understand if you should already roam or not. You can use the attached table to translate the RSSI into dBm.

In addition to Benny answer : In you case the fact that the terminal you are using connects to 2 GHz, may also point to a second question : before adjusting any RSSI threshold, did you change the 2 GHz and 5 GHz power level settings ? If AP are close and the power levels are set too high, you may end up to a 2 GHz fallback rather than a roaming (roaming heavily depends on the wireless card behavior and some terminals may switch to 2 GHz while another APs is available). As first approach , you may try to adjust the power levels to favor 5 GHz vs. 2 GHz (15dbm vs. 12 Dbm for example). The RSSI threshold function is deactivated by default. These parameters influence the association levels and should be used with caution and essentially in high density environment. Would you please tell us what type of client you are using to conduct your tests ? Non-802.11k and Non-802.11v Clients will not benefit from neighbor report or BSS transition-management.

Hi thanks for your answer. Indeed the device I used for this do not support 801.11k nor 802.11v.