Alcatel oaw-ap1201h accepoint captive portal using clearpass

Hi, I have Alcatel oaw-ap1201h accepoint. Is has ability to use external captive portal. Is it possible to uses clearpass as external captive portal, with self registration, and what service template i should use ?

Yes this is feasible. You need to use Generic Radius Service on Clearpass.

I was able to redirect to clearpass self registration portal. Users can create they account, but when they press login it should return to NAS device. with Aruba accesspoints, Nas device name are specified in certificate. I don’t know how to do it with Alcatel accesspoint.

In this case, you have to configure CPPM to return an ARP (Access Role Profile, the equivalent to Aruba-role). For that, you will have to add the Alcatel RADIUS dictionary or use the Filter-ID general attribute containing a string with the value of the ARP (“gold”, “employee”, whatever). The ARP must exist in the AP, obviously.
With this you are doing a RADIUS-COA, so the final ARP is the valid one, once the user has been successfully authenticated.