Alcatel OS6350-P24-EU - LLDP PoE Issue


we have an Alcatel OS6350-P24-EU and we observed that the switch is not negotiating PoE via LLDP Power-via-MDI. Other 3rd party brand switch do it though. Someone has any experience with this?

We suspect that the switch prioritizes the hardware-based two-event classification and only offers LLDP in case that the end-device does not support it.


Hi, By default the AOS prioritize the hardware-based negotiation, as there are PD (Powered Devices) that may not support 802.1AB-LLDP negotiation. Please consider the use of "lldp tlv dot3 power-via-mdi" cli command. Regards, Jorge

Hello Jorge,

thanks for your hint, we have done this already, I attach you the the correspdonding switch config. We have tried several things with default confguration as well as limiting the port to certain wattage but it does not work.

The PoE design of our AXIS Products is to only start LLDP negotiation if 15W (802.3af) is received, and then request 30W (802.3at) via LLDP. If the power received from hardware negotiation is already 30W then no LLDP negotiation is done as it cannot enable additional power compared to the hardware negotiation. It seems that the Alcatel switch powers our devices directly with 30W hardware. This is of course not against the standard but unusual as other switch vendors seem not do this. So even when the Alcatel switch is configured accordingly to allow for LLDP PoE negotiation it will not have an effect due to the end device already received 30W PoE.

Any help in understanding how this is design in the Alcatel switch is appreciated!

regards /Andre

Hi, I'm internally checking. Will update with more information. Thanks.

Thanks! Would you think based on my last reply and my switch config that there would be scenarios where the AOS still would prioritize hardware-based negotiation even though a LLDP-capable device is connected?

Hey Jorge,

just wanted to ping about this. Thanks for helping!