AOS or Network Devices on Eve-ng or GNS3 for Simulation

Hi, just wondering if AOS Router/Switches/NMS can be import for Eve-ng / GNS3 for Network Simulation.



+1 for this feature request.

Definitely could use this to setup a lab environment to test configurations and scripts. As far as I know the virtual appliances are used in the Alcatel labs, but not made public yet.

Yes a good feature request, make like a partners access only.

I guess they wont release this to public as they may reverse the AOS


In these times that we can't go and test whenever we want, it could be great to make simulations on GNS3 for the configs we need to apply. It could be manually done, as far as I know, but it surpasses my knowledge.

Hi Team,

It´s possible running AOS int the GNS3 or EVE-NG?