AP-1101 down state on OV2500

Hello all,

I'm running a demo server (OV 2500 MNS 4.5R1 GA Build 51), and I had notice the AP1101 is show as down at the "managed devices", but on the AP list is UP. The Omnivista also see this AP as a "switch" on the Managed devices table, but as an AP on the AP list. Another strange think is the device type, is shown as "AP101".

My demo site have three AP's ( AP1101, AP1201, AP1251). Only the AP1101 have this strange beaver .

During the Upgrade process, the OV try to upload the AP1320 firmware on the AP1101.

This is a clean installation.

Any ideas?


Best regards


Jose Alves


Please open a ticket with ALE Support.