AP 1311 does not convert from express mode to enterprise mode.(Invalid management address)

I have tried converting AP 1311 from express mode to enterprise mode.

However, As the attached snapshoots, conversion fails with the phrase "invalid management address". Has anyone had the same experience as me?

AP model : 1311
Firmware version :


I seen this when AP is unable to reach OV2500 IP address. May please login to AP using ssh using the username :support and password aos2016 and try to ping the OV2500 using the command "ssudo ping <ip-address> and ensure there is IP conflict of OV2500.



ensure there is No IP conflict of OV2500.


hi sir, I also have the same problem, how did you solve it, can you share it with me?

Pelese check whether the AP and OV2500 are communicating with each other. The issue occurred because the AP could not communicate with the OV2500.