AP location information

AP location by LLDP for Stellar AP: anybody made it work? I tried following the manual, however it didn't work. I've used latest code for 6860E and Stellar. When I do 'show lldp local-port' I couldn't see the AP location' information. I couldn't see it on OV2500 either.

Hi , I don't have an OS6860E running right now - but in my setup this always worked. On OS6450 you'd set the interface 1/1 alias "abc" to set the location "abc" via LLDP. See screenshots attached.

Thanks. Could you please post the 6450 config? Thanks.

Here is the relevant part (not all lldp statements are essential):
interfaces 1/5 alias "WIFI AP"
lldp chassis tlv management port-description enable system-name enable system-description enable system-capabilities enable
lldp chassis tlv management management-address enable
lldp chassis tlv dot1 vlan-name enable port-vlan enable
lldp chassis tlv dot3 mac-phy enable power-via-mdi enable
lldp chassis tlv med capability enable network-policy enable power enable
lldp chassis tlv proprietary enable

Thanks, works fine by your step, but it seems just can maximum support 20 characters, sometimes maybe not enough.