AP1101 no creating a cluster

In the training DT00WTE255 - OmniAccess Stellar Wireless Lan Express - is explained that one AP is elected PVM and all APs are joining the same cluster
Only the PVM is accessible thru Web Admin and others AP are seen as Working
Management is done thru Web interface and requires a DHCP server
A single IP Address is located on the Primary virtual controller

Solution: This is normal behavior

Cluster Management Default: System -> General Link, enter Group Name/Location and IP Address, give a Cluster unique ID Join cluster: connect on SSID Default “mywifi”, setup wizard, connect to new management SSID and go back to login page, put the identical Group Name and Group Management IP/Netmask and Group ID (location can be different). State becomes Joining and then Working

Info taken from business portal which in my instant is not working.

i have basically created 3 x APs with a managment SSID for each, then modified them in a common group, one is the master with a common IP address to manage and the others should basically merge as cluster, they dont.

When i view the group management ip i cant see the other APs even though they are showing blue and live.

if i unplug the master the other managemnet SSIDs are still live i can connect to them fine, doucemntation states this SSID should disappear once i link to group.

Any ideas ?

also i have a 100mb BB conneciton with 90mb and 50mb upload download speed, when connecting to APs i get less than 10 upload and download.

Aps are connected with a 1m patch lead as im just assembling network.


thank you in advance.


Hi Sir,

Try to understand your AP1101s installation and manipulations, I am not sure to understand clearly what do you mean by setup "management SSID for each AP". Your 3 APs form a cluster that sounds here live if all AP are with a fixed blue. Your configuration as a first reading appears correct, you have managed a group management IP and an ID for the group. To doublecheck correctly status for all APs in the group via the Web main page of Stellar Express, I advise you to connect to your cluster via a wired PC client to your BB and connect to the GMIP. That would avoid mistakes if wrong associations from wireless.

Regards datarates themselves where did you get the measures, don't forget datarates depends also from clients WLAN capabilities, and of course the correct handling of their capabilities within the SSIDs you have created.

Hope this helping