AP1101 Provisioning Issue

I have 73 AP1101 with OV4. only 9AP are provision and the rest are not detecting in the OV4. please assist me. thanks AP1101: AWOS_4.0.0.42 OV4: 4.5R3

Hi dkhan83 Is it new installation or existing one with upgrade to Stellar AP1101 4.0? If new one the informations provided are not sufficient to support installation with 73 APs, I recommend you to raise a ticket and close to tech support to check if you are not missing something as prerequisite for a new Stellar installation:

To help you few points to check before do eSR; Do you have the OV Stellar licences to support your installation? What do you mean by not "detected"? Do you have the DHCP service running to support 80 APs and if right which step is reached for the provisioning? At a minimum you should be able to assign your licences to each APs and turn them managed in OV. For that your DHCP must be running with option 138 to connect to OVE4.5.3. Do not use default Stellar bundle provided by the OV but install latest Stellar bundle. If no progress Pls create ticket and request to Tech support to help you. Hope it is helping