Hello community,

I need your help to configure the AP1101 terminal. I currently have two wifi terminals connected to each other for two years. I decided to add 3 more terminals to increase the coverage but these 3 terminals are not automatically added to the current network while we are on a standard configuration in DHCP.


Find attached, image

Thanks in advance for your help :)

Hi Hasstyle, welcome! First Pls can you attach the image of your AP1101 topology here? I don't find it in your request. How did you provision with your 3 recent AP1101 and from which release do you start for this extension? Note you will need have same version for all APs to make this adding first. Hope this is helping. Thanks

Hi Olivier,

Thanks for your help and feedback.

Indeed the two terminals that are connected with a configured password are under the Firmware

The new terminals that I want to add and that are not automatically added are under the Firmware 3.1....

I don't have any possibility to do the update... do you have a solution for me please ?


Hi Hasstyle Pls use ALE Portal for all Stellar access points products softwares support and create a ticket for software download, request for AWOS 4.0.2 upgrade. Hope this is helping Best regards