AP1201H - ETH 3 vlan

Hi Currently deploying over 80 APs to Sirrus with success.

One issue i cant get my head around is configuring the ETH3 port on the AP1201H

I have followed the previsous posts and created a new ARP and entered the VLAN id of the IP PHONE (vlan 92 within the group)

Unified Access -> Unified Profile -> Device Config Select "Access Role Profile ", and chose the AP-Group. Will show all ARP, and linked with current VLAN ID configured in the APs.


((1)) Create a new Access Role Profile (ARP)

, ((2)) map the ARP to the VoIP VLAN

((3)) go to Home/Unified Access/ Template / Access Auth Profile and create a profile with the newly created Access Role Profile that was mapped to the IP Phone VLAN in the Default Access role Profile field,


i have carried out the above but it is this part, number 4 i cant seem to figure out.


where do you APPLY to device as i have applied profile to Access point group but cant see any devices under UNIFIED ACCESS ?

Could someone enlighten me please i beleive im nearly there trying to put an ip phone into the back of the the AP1201H.

PS the OXO is connected onto the local swith, VLAN 92, the IP phone (plugged into back of AP1201H) is untagged and gets to 5/5 then resets.


Thank you

((4)) "APPLY to Device" the created profile to the AP Group ( Eth3 needs to be checked if the IP phone is connected on port 3, ETH2 if on port 2, etc.) : please check Knowledge base article in attchement of this post.


Hi Pls can you communicate with release of your AP1201H? Then with KCS article you provide?

You can post KCS in this article for example