API documentation for OmniVista 2500 UPAM??

I'm lookin for correct API call to get guest accounts from local OmniVista 2500.

looking at OV Cirrus API documentation I need the equivalent of



I have looked at https://ovc4x.ovcirrus.com/api/openapi but it doesn't have anything regarding UPAM or accounts.


I found some old API request inside github script for Employee accounts but when I try to call it using this:


I get this error which state it's deprecated

{"result":"success","errorCode":-1,"errorMessage":"upam.deprecatedAPI","data":null,"translated":{"resultTranslated":"success","errorCodeTranslated":"-1","errorMessageTranslated":"Deprecated API, the interface will no longer be maintained","messageObjects":{}}}



In order to get the guest account listed in OmniVista 2500, please uses these following requests. Be sure to be authenticated before using this request.

URL : https://{OVIP}/api/ham/guest/account/getPageAccountList


"start": "",
"querySize": 1000,
"queryBy": "Account"

The response will contain every guest accounts and more details.



Thanks for quick reply. It works! :slight_smile:
Can you maybe tell me where you got information about this API call? Do you have any API documentation?

By any chance, do you know if I can just query based on email field?

Hello luki,

in firefox or chrome you have the developer tools.

There you can diagnose all api calls when you using the ov2500 webpage.

All data visibile in ov2500 webpage are called via api.