API Northbound - User Access

Hello, I’m developing an asset location application and they gave me a document named (AP Northbound API User) as a base. It has all the ways to access the api and get the data, but whenever I try to make a POST request to the ip/apiaccess address in system.getPvc or user.login methods in both cases or I have the return “Please Access pvc” or Password Wrong

what would be the correct way to connect with these apis to get the data from my AP


Hi Leonardo-Martins I am afraid we cannot really assist on developpers environments here, Pls provide us with the API version you are working on. Last Northbound API supports Stellar R3.0.3 and more.The user guide: AP-Northbound-API-User-Guide.pdf (spacewalkers.com)

To help ensure your AP is upgraded to a last firmware (4.0.2 for example) then if you are working in Express mode ensure also your PVC IP is managed ie. set a PVC IP from your administration page of your cluster different from IP of the AP. API relies on PVC only. you should be able to solve your system.getPVC request first and API should be able to answer on jason or text content. Despite we cannot support you on way you produce your requests. Hope this is helping

Hi Leonardo-Martins to help I am running with Pls find gimp configuration in Express in attachment to manage properly your PVC. Pls also clarify with the environment you use to produce your requests, what is the (just for info) or REST client tool used for your requests, I assume you have copied requests contents (your png) from last ALE API note. A good thing for example is to export a request from your tool. Then something I could doublecheck further with the current Stellar API. Hope this is helping. Thanks a lot