API usage -


My question is twofold, concerning the use of the RESTful API with Omnivista 2500.

Where can we find a full rundown of the functions available through the API? I’m looking for an API explorer, or a way to find this out myself without having to trial-and-error the problem. I’ve found some documentation on the OVCirrus API website but it seems to me this is tailored to using Wi-Fi part of Omnivista/Cirrus, while I’m more interested in the Network part.
In Omnivista , under the Security tab there’s an ‘external apps’ menu. This menu presents you with an API key, presumeably used for the PALM. Can we also use this API key and if so, how?

Any input is appreciated!

Hi Swassena,

I think this is what you're looking for: https://ovcirrus.com/api

You will find the API documentation here: https://ovcirrus.com/api/openapi

And a playground environment here: https://ovcirrus.com/api/playground/