APUI SWITCH IS DISABLED message in access point

I have a new Access Point with OV2500. the access point get IP address from DHCP, but it can’t registred, and when i check the access point web access it gave me this message “APUI SWITCH IS DISABLED”

AP UI is disabled AP is getting Option 138 as OV 2500 .Please check the OV2500 whether the AP is under UnManaged ? if yes , Trust the AP and then you can enabled AP webUI under AP_group

Hi thanjvuru, thank’s for your response.
Unfortunately the AP is not underManaged. and can ping IP address of AP from OV2500, so there is no problem in the Network.

Are you able to access using SSH? If yes , use the username as support and Password as “aos2016” and try to get the command output “getmode” and “getmodeaddr”.

Are you sure DHCP server not giving option 138 or OPtion 43?

Hi thanjavuru,
thank’s for your reply.
For getmode:CLUSTER
for getmodeaddr: it’s blunk
I use this two option 138 and 43

If Cluster mode, you should be able to access GUI of the AP. Use either option 138 or 43 not both. Before configuring options, try accessing GUI of the AP.

yes Thanjavuru I can Access now to the GUI mode. but the app can’t switch to mode Entreprise from DHCP. I don’t want to do it manally beacause I have 300 APs of this version. the other APs model are working fine.

Ok Use Option 138, it should work. What is the OV2500 version and AP software version pls?

with option 138:
now the getmode is: OV
getmodeaddr: my OV2500 IP
still not in managed AP, and not in unmanaged AP

for version:
OV2500 : 2500 NMS 4.8R2 GA (Build 21)
PA1311: R4…7.14

Can you try one AP Manually or Static to reach OV2500 to see there is no reachability issues?

Hi Thanjavuru After I upgrading the Firmeware, I made a mastake in DHCP. Now the AP is commung up. So the problem it was on the Firemware version.
thank you

Great to know issue is resolved :slight_smile:

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Hi, can u guide me the firmware update procedure you followed. I am also stuck in the similar situation. Thanks

yes of corse.

  • take a free switch,
    -install an DHCP server in your PC
    -plog your PC and APs in the switch
  • reset the APs to change the mode Entreprise to Express
  • Connect to one AP

thene from menu you can update All the APs group