Authentication 802.1X ; Microsoft 2012, NPS -> MPPS

Hello, does somebody know, if OS2500 R4.4.1_58 is working with Win 2012 NPS and MPPE. We have an POC active with Steller 3.06 ( actual ) and OV 2500 4.4.1, in cause of 802.1X and max: MPPE 256Bit, the Auth is not working. Auth. is pass, but any dhcp adress is given to the authenticated user if we`ll remove the hook under MPPE max security it`s working fine. Somebody an idea?


Maybe your are running in the problem that is stated in the "Technical Knowledgebase" article 000054996: You have to add the missing attributes for 'MS-MPPE-Recv-Key' and 'MS-MPPE-Send-Key' under "UPAM=>SETTINGS=>Radius Attribute Dictionary" This will be fixed in 4.4R2

Hi Sputniki

May attach this tech article in the post could be helpful if it is effectively related to Radius attributes. Thanks in advance

We have this same problem, even after configuring the "Radius Attribute Dictionary". Did it work even after adding the Radius Attribute Dictionary?