Avaibility of GA for OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi6/6E



FYI Stellar GA release is now available on ALE MyPortal since today. Softwares and release note can be downloaded at: https://myportal.al-enterprise.com


Modes supported: all modes

Wi-Fi 5 hardware supported*: AP1101, AP1201, AP1220 series, AP1230 series, AP1251, AP1251-RW-B, AP1201BG, AP1261-RW-B, AP1201H, AP1201L, AP1201HL

Wi-Fi 6 hardware supported: AP1320 series, AP1360 series, AP1301, AP1301H, AP1311, AP1331, AP1351

Wi-Fi 6E hardware: AP1451, AP1431, AP1411

*AP1101, AP1201L, AP1201HL, AP1201H & AP1261-RW-B not supported with OVC 10.3



Find in published Release note the list of all features supported by GA and fixed issues. This review is done from maintenance build

Features with OVE/OVC:

  • NaaS enhancement*
  • Auto-Group PSK
  • TCPMSS adjustment
  • Support of 256 VLANs*
  • DRM improvement
  • 6GHz mesh (AP1411, AP1431, AP1451)
  • Advanced SSID schedule support (
  • Backup and preemption on local LDAP servers (
  • Configurable preemption on local LDAP servers (
  • Authorization for MQTT connections in OVNG (
  • Configurable Called Station ID (
  • Easy bridge/mesh configuration (
  • Leaf-parent mode with repeater role in mesh mode (
  • RAP mode with RAP organisations (or RAP list on OVC4.7 Freemium) (
  • L2GRE resiliency (
  • Office 365 (MS Azure) social login (
  • RADSec support* (

Express mode

  • Syslog support TLS*
  • RADSec support*
  • OCSP for RADSec*
  • OCSP for Syslog

*Except AP1101, AP1201L, AP1201HL, AP1201H & AP1261-RW-B


Take also in account Open/Known problems, limitations and/or dependencies with known workarounds in GA Release note, from this set of versions 4.0.7/4.0.6.

  • Problems known at the time of product release.
  • HW support & limitations, and SW restrictions
  • Recommendations in capacity (nb of user SSIDs, DPI with certain models)
  • Recommendations on features (roaming 802.11k, enhanced security, clients tunneling/client isolation whitelist, mDNS with certain models, link aggregation, Bypass VLAN with certain models, WCF, DRM in high channel utilization)

Limitations on topologies (already noted in release 4.0.6):

  • multicast/broadcast optimization, IGMP snooping, mDNS in bridging/multi-meshing mode
  • WCF in RAP mode
  • recommendations for downlink wired port in RAP mode upon certain models
  • enhanced Open WLAN

6GHz band for Wi-Fi6E capable clients on AP1451, and AP1431, AP1411 (new HW supported with

  • lower 480MHz channel group for EU, UK, Australia, UA & Malaysia
  • same channels rules on lower 480MHz channel group and on 5GHz band
  • available features on the 6GHz band


GA Release Note: https://myportal.al-enterprise.com/a4F5I000000OmpJUAS

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