Avaibility of GA for OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi6/6E



FYI Stellar GA release is now available on ALE MyPortal since today. Softwares and release note can be downloaded at: https://myportal.al-enterprise.com


Modes supported: all modes

OVE/OVC 4.8R2 is now available on ALE MyPortal and includes

RAP VPN VA 4.8R2 is now available on ALE MyPortal

Wi-Fi 5 hardware supported: AP1101, AP1201, AP1220 series, AP1230 series, AP1251, AP1251-RW-B, AP1201BG, AP1261-RW-B, AP1201H, AP1201L, AP1201HL

Wi-Fi 6 hardware supported: AP1320 series, AP1360 series, AP1301, AP1301H, AP1311, AP1331, AP1351

Wi-Fi 6E hardware: AP1451, AP1431, AP1411


Find in published Release note the list of all features supported by GA and fixed issues. This review is done from GA build

Features with OVE/OVC:

  • BLE 3rd party integration requires we send raw data even for unknown advType
  • Enhance Mesh/Bridge encryption with WPA3
  • Client isolation downlink port

Express mode

  • Support disable LACP
  • Enhance Mesh/Bridge encryption with WPA3

Take also in account Open/Known problems, limitations and/or dependencies with known workarounds in GA Release note, from this set of versions 4.0.7/4.0.6.

  • Problems known at the time of product release.
  • HW support & limitations, and SW restrictions
  • Recommendations in capacity (nb of user SSIDs, DPI with certain models)
  • Recommendations on features (roaming 802.11k, enhanced security, clients tunneling/client isolation whitelist, mDNS with certain models, link aggregation, Bypass VLAN with certain models, WCF, DRM in high channel utilization)

Limitations on topologies (already noted in release

  • multicast/broadcast optimization, IGMP snooping, mDNS in bridging/multi-meshing mode
  • WCF in RAP mode
  • recommendations for downlink wired port in RAP mode upon certain models
  • enhanced Open WLAN

6GHz band for Wi-Fi6E capable clients on AP1451, and AP1431, AP1411

  • lower 480MHz channel group for EU, UK, Australia, UA & Malaysia
  • same channels rules on lower 480MHz channel group and on 5GHz band
    • Scanning, wips, radio thresholds limitations on 6Hz band
    • no WIPS no WCF on 6GHz


GA Release Note: https://myportal.al-enterprise.com/a4FSZ000003vyZA2AY

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