Backup failed: failed to save files list


A couple of my switches seem to be having problems with backups through OV2500. When manually trying to backup the device, the following error is thrown back:

Error (Failed to backup configuration. Failed to save files list for device: [x.x.x.x]. An error occurred: 4: .) at backup configuration.

This while CLI and SNMP configuration seems to be working fine (trap polling, SSH access through OV2500 etc works fine). FTP access is enabled in the aaa configuration of the switch.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


This request requires a technique analysis provides by our technique support. Without this analysis it’s difficult to answer to your question.

Please check if you’ve an active contract support for this OV 2500 and open an eSR (case) that would be analyzed by our support services. If you don’t have an active contract, please contact your local ALE to know how this support can be activated on this OV 2500.