BYOD captive portal - Password is Messy Code


We have set up an SSID with BYOD authentication, we are using AD as external user data base. When a specific employees enters his credentials, he gets the following message "Password Messy Code" image attached, Which are the possible reasons for this message? thanks.


I dont know why my image which is below 2MB is not attached

Hi, I have seen this, This error is seen when a new password not matching the AD Password criteria.

Normally Users change his password on the cloud database and which synchronizes with Local AD. The new password is not as per the criteria set on-premise AD and we see such errors. Password is messy means Password is correct but not matching the criteria of AD

Please have the password as per the criteria of AD and it should work.




I was able to attach 33 KB attachment not sure what wrong with you

Check the MAC of the employee account present in UPAM

configure switch IP in

NAS Clients Registration List