BYOD Guest management for Wired Users

Hello, In UPAM do we have any provision to achieve BYOD and Guest Management for Wired Users?

For now the Radius within the omnivista can be used to authenticate the wired Network however we need to manage in Omnivista to allow personalize the attributes to be returned including any Alcatel Redirect attribute.
So the answer by default would be No


Not sure to understand why the answer is NO since AOS doc (8.4.1R01 & 6.7.2R02) claims that UPAM can be leveraged for GUEST AND BYOD…

Yes probably there is missed something but to the CP works in the wired network we need to be able to attach the Redirect-Url attribute and my understanding is that for now we cannot select any additional Radius attribute than the filter id when the NAS is a switch, probably I’m wrong, let’s find the answer and share with the community.

With a setup running with OS6450 (6.7.2R02).
using 2 different UNP's, you need to configure in the omniswitch the redirect-server ip:
"aaa redirect-server upamGlobalConfiguration ip-address command that redirect and this is working.

Hi, thanks, in the omniswitch it is clear what we need, the question is where you configure the Alcatel-Redirect-URL in the Omnivista side
Can you please explain that part?

Hi, I have just "reused" it from the wlan …
wlan service / Global configuration / settings
- > apply to Devices (but instead "AP-groups" select "devices" :-)
hope this helps