captive portal access-configuration

Hello Everybody. Im configuring some ap's 2151, they are grouped and running an captive portal, burt when I access each one or by the goup ip, I can't not see nothing about captive portal configuration. I want to change the html portal, images, access key,... Wher can I do it? Thanks all and excuse my poor english


I assume you are running Stellar in "Express" mode (not "Enterprise" mode) ?
You shoul always mention that "detail" :)

So, in "Express" mode you have the "Access" main menu that you can click.

Then you have an "Authentication" section : click on it.

Then you have an “Authentication Configuration” window which is displayed: you can, here, activate ("on/off") the Captive Portal feature and you can customize it.

Thank AHBEKKA. Sorry but Im a new user for this AP'S. I don't know the differences (express and enterprise).

I see ask you told me, and i can see all you said. But not enough configuration or tuning option. Only some images :-(.

Can I do something more? , Im something like upload a html archive with css,...

Excuse my English

I join the remark from Ahmed, Pls precise everytime the mode for Stellar, if you are running Express Pls also check with Ntw eDemos space that is presenting a fine demonstration for Stellar Express and where Captive portal management is shown. Within you can learn more with CP feature for Express and then detail on access point detail with snapshot if necessary!
Good learning