Hi we currently have the following deployed within my clients sites;Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniVista Cirrus 4.6.2

I have a few questions on captive portal.

The client has 5 sites with different SSIDs. When a guest logs in the info is collected within the UPAM ie name;emails etc but does not show the origin of the login ie site A, B,C within the data just generic data. How can the guest info show the site they logged on (needed for target marketing).

2. Client does not like the CP login, they basically just want to capture the email address of the client; i have tried every permutation within the portal but either need a code/password/terms and condtions login but no basic login ie just emai address. is this a PCI compliance issue where a password/code is needed to login to commercial WIFI; Can any one assist


thank you