Captive portal

Trying to add captive portal support into our cloud wifi software We have resolved initial redirection and we get login page. However, we can not find any information which parameters should be posted back to the AP in order to authenticate a user through our radius servers.

Can we get a simple example showing POST or GET with username and password ? Thank you

Hello! sounds like you’re working on integrating captive portal support into your cloud wifi software. Not possible to provide exhaustive support here on a specific implementation issue but Pls find here some general guidance to help.

  • Review administration guide of Omnivista: check in documentation chapter on RADIUS to have required parameters for user authentication it is usually involve sending RADIUS access request with attributes like username and password.
  • Review RFC 2865 : refer always to RFC for radius attributes to request
  • Always refer to Omnivista API specifications, it is providing templates of POST or GET parameters and you can recover the entire swagger for your POST/GET method with username and password for example.
    Good luck with your implementation