Captive Portal

We are trialing an AP1301 with a view to deploying them in AP groups across a number of our locations as central management would be difficult to setup. The AP we are working with has firmware

I'm trying to setup an internal captive portal for authentication on a guest network using access codes and we're struggling. The WLAN is set to open and captive portal is enabled. Looking at the Authentication Configuration page, the top part of the page is nothing like the guides and video's online! It's asking for a dummy IP and we can also set a redirect url.

When the user connects and opens a web page, it tries to take them to****

This isn't working!

If we add a redirect url, it tags that on to the end of the url above.

Can someone please advise how to get this configured and working or steer me towards an up to date set of configuration instructions?




ok, we resolved this. There wasn't an IP set on the Guest VLAN!!!