Change Stellar Express Group Number

Is it possible to change the Express cluster group number from the default (100) to something else on an existing installation without downtime? When I begin to change it, I get the following message:


"This operation may result in loss of the AP in the group. Continue?"


I want to change the group number so that I can split some of the APs off into their own group, but I do not want to lose connectivity for the ones that are staying in the existing group.


My plan was to change the group number, factory reset the APs to be split into a new group, then change the new group to another unique group number. Does this sound feasible without APs of the initial group losing group membership?

“This operation may result in loss of the AP in the group. Continue?”

This is default notification that you are changing the group number any APs that are down/offline at the time will not be changed.

Yes, You can change the AP group number in Stellar Express without affecting user traffic.

It will change all APs that are active within that group to the new group number. Once that completed log back into the group verify that the group number is changed (something other than the default 100). Under the AP tab you will need to select each of the APs individually (new window opens) top right of the new window in the drop down you will find "Reset" This will factory default the AP, you will need to reconfigure each AP once completed those AP will be active in the default group of 100, change that group if you don't want other factory defaulted APs to join when booting.