Hi All. Does anybody has tested chromecast with Stellar? Any recommendations?

Hello BennyL,
I have it working at home. Didn't really test it, but seems to work
using an Android TV Xiaomi box, with STELLAR AP1101.

Hi, I am big fan of Chromecast and I have lot of them in my house, in my experience the Stellar performance with any multicast traffic was not good until the release or 19 where I have noticed a great improvement and now I'm able to cast videos to any Chromecast almost without issues but before these releases the Chromecast devices were not visible for my video apps like youtube, netflix or any other. So try the and let me know.

Thanks to you two

Apparently the Multicast optimization algorithm in the Wlan Service has something wrong because after I disabled it the Chromecast devices and google home devices starting to work well, before this change these devices were working really bad. Try it and let us know.

Thanks. Have you tested lately if recent Stellar versions work with Chromecast?

Chromecast relies on mDNS. "Multicast Optimization" parameter is meant to handle real multicast traffic (multicast switching feature). since mDNS send queries via IP multicast any "Multicast Optimization" will impact the mDNS as well, please see the image below which is an extract of the RFP 6762 (mDNS)

<p>When the Multicast Optimization profile is disabled on the Wlan Service works very well</p>