Clear Switchport Violation

Good afternoon folks,

I'm trying to replicate Cisco's BPDU Guard on a pair of 6360s in my home lab. I used the commands found here to configure it, which worked perfectly well. The port given the configuration now reads:

> Chassis/Slot/Port : 1/1/1 > Operational Status : down, > Port-Down/Violation Reason: bpdu,

Which is exactly what I wanted. The problem, however, is that I can't seem to clear the violation. I've tried the command listed in the above thread, which seems invalid on this firmware, as well as "clear violation port 1/1/1" and "int 1/1/1 admin-state enable" (as the CLI reference guide recommended ("To enable a port disabled by a user port shutdown operation, use the interfaces admin command to administratively enable the port or disconnect and reconnect the port cable." on page 36-19)), but neither seems to work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The hyperlink did not embed, so I'll put it here instead:

Hi sixius,

I would have used the same command to clear violation - Have you checked that you're not running into the next BPDU violation? as BPDU's are send every 2 seconds, if you havn't disabled STP in between?

If yes, then please contact our TAC team for further analysis.

Thanks, Rolf