Client Leases from third party device which is connected to Stellar AP

I have a SOPHOS firewall also we are having Stellar AP which is running in express mode .

I have network topology below


I need to have two different vlan one for management of AP & one for client

If we configure DCHP in express mode the clients willable to get the IP from firewall with different subnet

Can someone explain pls what i have to do so to make the AP s getting leases from the DCHP server configured in express mode where clients have to get leases from the firewall.

How can i achieve this ?

Hello, you could let the AP on your base switch port VLAN to get DHCP response from your local DHCP server. For your Guest, you could tag your Guest SSID in a different VLAN and use your switch to forward the DHCP requests to your preferred DHCP server (firewall).