Configuration Guide for Omnivista

I have inherited the Omnivista Sever with no configuration guides. The interface is not intuitive. I can find no documentation online. Cane someone point me to configuration/manual. I have figured out how to add SSIDs to groups but I can't see how to remove those SSIDs from the same groups.

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Your business partner is usually providing this type of support and I encourage you to get in touch with its team about any technical issues.

Although Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has created few tutorials videos available online to help you configurate Omnivista. They’re all gathered in the same playlist : []

I hope this will be help you !

This is not resolved. I have found those videos and they are worthless. Show me the video that shows how to remove SSID from a group. I have reached out several times to the people they have bought the equipment from and I have gotten no answers. I have called Alactel support and they refuse to help me because i don't have a support contract with them even though I am told we do but it has to go through the business partner.


Delete this post. You are clearly worthless. If you google Cisco, Ruckus, Aerohive, Aruba there are multiple support documents, forums and videos to answer most questions. If you google Alcatel Lucent, there is virtually nothing. You have such an insignificant share of the market there is no community support.

Depending on the Omnivista release you inherited, the mode of operation can be slightly different either yo have to go to " Unified Access -> Unified Profile -> Device Config -> SSID/WLAN Service", select the AP group and delete it for the group ( SSID", select the SSID and click on the "AP group assignement" and "change selection" to add or remove an AP group (>=v4.3R3). from 4.3R3 and beyond the UI was redesigned and a less long winded "WLAN" menu added to avoid long winded procedures for such procedures.


Yes you are right, we are not proposing such didactic video for your case as it’s not consider as a main case.
What I can suggest you:

  • Consulting OV2500 Help on Line (user guide) for each menu just by clicking on "?" on upper right corner of a OV2500 Web page.
  • Registering to training modules on our LAN/WLAN/OV2500 offers and technology for technical field experts.
  • Renewing support on your OV2500 NMS that will allow you to open an e service request for being efficiently assisted by our top technical experts.

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