Configure a limit device number

Using Stellar Enterprise Mode, a college wants to allow Gaming devices and other headless devices on the network. How would we accomplish this using the stellar solution? The customer doesn't want to admin all of this but allow a college student to connect to 5 of their own devices and then at the end of the semester remove those devices. Are we able to accomplish this via Stellar?

Hi, you can use the Company Porperty option to register the mac-address of this devices and then you need to create a SSID with MAC authentication enabled, then you need to create an Authentication Strategy using the Internal Radius as authentication source and then an Access Policy mapping the SID with the Authentication Strategy and you are done.
To give some user access to add or delete devices to the company property database you can create a Role and Group in the Security menu with write access just to the UPAM Authentication application and read to everything else and any user that you include on this group will be able to create, modify or delete the Company Devices database.

I forgot to mention that the default ARP for the SSID should be mapped to an inexistent vlan to block any device which fail the authentication and you can associate a valid vlan (including the untag vlan) for those that pass the authentication using the “MAC PASS ALT” field in the Wlan Service or in the Company Property configuration.

Yes, we have a number of customers doing this and we provide simplified workflows to guide you the way. :)