Configure multiples AP's

Hi all,

Environnement : Cluster of AP-1201 in mode express running

It seems that dhcp or/and source nat services aren’t propagate automatically when configured on one Ap, How to deploy it on multiple Ap in the cluster, Is there build in functions or do i work with ansible ?



An answer has been already done by Jorge in another post (a duplication of the topic here certainly). dhcp/nat services are centralized services for a cluster in Express mode then relies to a single Stellar group, don't forget then to provide the cluster with GMIP from which dhcp/nat services are linked to and then implicitely "distributed" to all SSIDs of the cluster.

In case you see "no propagation" of these services for clients associated to new AP added in cluster later, then there is an issue, that should be not. Doublecheck first with correct GMIP handling for the cluster.

At APIs side, for current embedded API of Stellar, it does not support requests for IT services on a cluster (attached last northbound API user guide I have). All API objects (user, ap, wlan, rf etc.) are devlopped to help specific maintenances on a running cluster, but not for any IT management.

Hope this helping