Configure services on mulyiples Ap

Hi all,

Environnement : Cluster of AP-1201 in mode express running It seems that dhcp or/and source nat services aren’t propagate automatically when configure a first Ap. How to deploy it on multiple Ap in the cluster, Is there build in functions or do i work with ansible ?


Currently, the AP with the DHCP/NAT/DNS is considered as a central Service, providing such services to all customers in the SSIDs/VLANs.

As a result, there is no way to deploy the same configuration to all APs in the Express AP-Group and place them as "standby". Ansible will not help either.

So if you want the "distribute" the service, take into consideration that each AP is autonomous, and that could lead to network problems (for instance: if two or more APs are using the same NAT range or the same IP pool in DHCP server). Services can be distributed (DNS for instance) or planned (different scopes for DHCP server, different IP addresses for NAT)