Connection between OV-Cirrus and RADIUS

Hello Everybody,

I am wondering how the connection between Cirrus and corporate RADIUS works. I don't see anything about it. I have already work with OV-2500 and it's easier because all the equipment are in the same corporate network.

OV-Cirrus communicate with Radius through a firewall ? So the Radius must have a connection with Internet and we configure the firewall to autorize the traffic ? What if the connection lost ? Cirrus can't access to the RADIUS so nobody can be authanticate. Have we got a backup solution ?

Thanks for your feedback.

Adrien Dupont


If you are using UPAM in conjunction with an external RADIUS server, then you would need to ensure that the RADIUS server is accessible via the Internet.

The data flow is: Client -> OV Cirrus/UPAM -> External RADIUS -> OV Cirrus/UPAM -> Client

If you do not use UPAM, then you can authenticate directly to your RADIUS server by specifying the server details in the AAA profile.

In version 2.1 of OV Cirrus, we introduced the concept of ‘on-premises LDAP server’ for BYOD portal authentication which permits the APs to send auth info directly to the local LDAP server rather than go through UPAM. We do not have the same concept for RADIUS at this time.


Hi team,

I need to do work with radius in my subnet (Radius with private IP), you think it´s work?