Connection from Cirrus to corporate LDAP

Hello, Does anyone know someone how to perform secure connection from OV Cirrus UPAM to corporate LDAP ? If I review OV Cirrus UPAM settings I can see that I can configure LDAP regarding to hostname IP & ports. It seems is very unsafe because it this case corporate LDAP must be open to external connections from Internet so It cannot be implemented in production environment. Is any solution to make this connection securely ?


Currently OV-Cirrus is not supporting LDAPs.
We have this capability in the OV-Cirrus roadmap, I’ll let you know when I’ll have more details about the exact OV-Cirrus iteration and date

Thank you for info.
So LADP is not supported on OV-Cirrus at all ?
Why is this option in OV-Cirrus menu ?

OV Cirrus expects LDAP to be exposed securely to OV Cirrus over the internet. One option is to use a proxy – there are third party websites on the internet act as proxy between UPAM and LDAP that guarantee secure access.

<p>LDAP is supported, not LDAPs (LDAP over SSL) that is currently in the OV Cirrus roadmap</p>