Coverage difference between 1201H and 1101?

Hi All. Looking at the Datasheet of AP 1201H and AP 1101, the antenna gain is higher on 1201H but the Max Transmit Power (per chain) is higher at the 1101. So, my question is how different is the coverage area between these 2 APs (1201H and 1101)? Also, what would be the maximum height we could put a 1201H?

well if 1201H can either be wall or desk mounted, then does the height question arise? I would imagine it would be put somewhere behind the TV to keep cabling at a minimum. or am I mistaken?

On another note - what would be the ideal and max height for 1101 and 1221 - not sure if I missed it in the DS.

What matters is the eirp value, Eirp=Pt+Gain.
For instance for both AP this value would be
AP1201H = 18dBm + 4dBi= 22dBm
AP1101 = 17dBm + 3,4dBi = 20,4dBm
So, according to these values, the AP1201H coverage should wider. Also, you have to take into account the radiation pattern, which in both cases is Omnidirectional.
In terms of a WLAN planning, I wouldn’t take into consideration this 1,6dB difference.

To complete, farer you are to the AP the lower data rate you get. So, if you ask about ideal height, I guess the 2,5-3m height of a regular ceiling would be a good reference point. I would avoid any mounting point higher than 10m. It also matters how AP are installed, the 1221 is a ceiling AP, so whenever possible, try to install it parallel to the ground.
Sometimes we see ceiling AP installed on walls, it works but you don’t get the best performance, the antenna design is thought for ceiling installations and by changing the AP orientation we change the antenna polarization.