CPU is crossed the limited ?

what does this log mean ? why ?

Major 192.168.XXX.XXX SW_XXXX_0healthMonModuleTrapSlot 2 module-level, Rx: noChange, RxTx: noChange,Memonry noChange, CPU crossedBelowThreshold,Chassis ID noChangeNov 13, 2019 2:12:29 pm

Hi. Due to formatting, I am not sure I am reading your post correctly. This looks like a health trap that OV received from one of your switches: 'CPU crossedBelowThreashold' would be indicative of a device where the device's CPU load went over the threshold (%age) configured for this device. You should have received a trap indicating this change first. The trap you are listing here is telling you that CPU load is back under the configured threshold value.