dhcp-snooping not working on OS6860 running at R8.6.289R01


I'am doing my POC using 7 stack of OS6860 running at R8.6.289R01, integrated on cisco switch witch is the dhcp server, connected vial Linkagg LACP. I need to test the dhcp-snooping for this setup. I can obtain IP address from DCHP sever when dhcp-snooping is disable, but once dhcp-snooping was enabled, I can not obtain IP address even if the linkagg was configured as TRUSTED port for dhcp-snooping, I will upload the config of OS6860 for reference.

Hoping for your help on this.


Hi, I think this is the wrong place for your question, it regards support, I'll send you the guide of your OmniSwitch via email to help you.
Kinds Regards

since the dhcp-snooping on cisco was enabled and it is the dhcp server, action was disable the
dhcp-snooping vlan 10 option-82-data-insertion admin-state disable