DHCP Sub-Options

I’m currently working on setting up switch provisioning in OmniVista, and one of the required steps is as follows:

DHCP/DNS Configuration

To enable switches to contact the OmniVista Server and receive the Provisioning configuration, you must first set up your DHCP Server to point to the local OmniVista Server as the Activation Server for provisioning. You must also setup DNS to resolve to point to your local OmniVista Server.

DHCP Configuration

  • Option 43
    • Sub-Option 1 - Vendor ID. Validate the DHCP response (must be set with the value alenterprise). This sub-option is only required if you specify any of the sub-options listed below, or any devices on your network are running AOS 6.7.2 R03.
    • Sub-Option 128 - Activation Server FQDN. Set to as-lite.myovcloud.net.
    • Sub-Option 134 - Activation Server Port. The port number on the Activation Server to which the switches should communicate. By default, the switches communicate to Activation Server port 443. This sub-option is only supported on AOS 6.7.2R07 (and higher) and AOS 8.6R2 (and higher).

DNS Configuration

My question is how do I configure DHCP sub-options for option 43? Particularly in an OS6900-X72’s dhcpd.conf file. I have:

dynamic-dhcp range {
    option routers;
    option subnet-mask;
    option domain-name-servers;
    option dhcp-lease-time 900;
    option 43 ????????;

Any help is greatly appreciated.


You can configure Option 43 using the below command:
option vendor-specific <hexadecimal_text>;

Try the below configuration for option 43 and its sub-options.

vendor-option-space tbp;
option tbp.vendor “alenterprise”;
option tbp.activation-server “as-lite.myovcloud.net”;